How Often Should I Change My Transmission Oil?

Many fluids run throughout your car’s engine, but one of the most important ones to keep track of is the car’s transmission fluid. The majority of the manufacturer’s maintenance schedules for many automatic transmissions don’t require fresh fluid until 100,000 miles. However, many expert mechanics disagree with this schedule and urge their customers to change […]

Do I Really Need A Wheel Alignment?

Many new and veteran car owners sometimes are skeptical about wheel alignments and simply just don’t see the point of them. However, most of the confusion with a wheel alignment comes by not understanding what it is. To add to this confusion, a wheel alignment is not listed as a regular maintenance item in most […]

The Advantages of a Rough Country Lift Kit

If you’re considering a suspension lift kit, it’s good to do your research beforehand. Truck owners generally love to make all sorts of modifications to their vehicles, which is one of the fun parts of owning a truck.  Installing a lift kit is one of the popular modifications that owners make to their vehicle.  While […]